Imperial Edged Weapons

1919/1921 Navy Dagger w/Hangers (#30525)


No maker: Condition: EX+

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No maker. See pages 70 – 80 of Collecting the Edged Weapons of Imperial Germany for information and photographs on this pattern dagger and scabbard. Brass hilt fittings show light surface wear/age patina to the screw-off type flaming ball pommel and crossguard with fouled anchor motif on the obverse of quillon block. The crossguard is slightly loose. Black celluloid grip shows only light surface wear with no cracks or chips and is complete with six swirls of tight twisted brass wire wrap. This is the pattern grip that is flat in the middle and looks almost rectangular when viewed from the side (see top of page 71 of the above reference). Plated stiletto style blade grades EX++ showing light surface wear with one small crimp at the tip of the blade, but no lifting or nicks to the cutting edges. Blade is complete with blue felt buffer pad. Brass lightning bolt scabbard with reef knot suspension bands shows light surface/age patina with one pinhead size depression to center obverse (very rare to find a specimen with such a nice conditioned scabbard). Dagger is complete with silver 23cm portepee toned near black tied around the lower grip. Black moiré hangers grade excellent+ showing only light surface wear, and feature early, solid brass lion head buckles and upper & lower clips. Nice example of a 1919 pattern Navy dagger upgraded to Officer status with the 1921 pattern brass scabbard.