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1936 “Chained” Parts SS Dagger w/”Questionable” Chain Hanger


no maker.
condition: EX+
item number:27478

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1936 “Chained” Parts SS Dagger w/a “Questionable” Chain Hanger. No maker mark. Plated upper fitting shows surface wear/age but, no lifting or loss to plating. Lower nickel silver crossguard is SA Group stamped “Om” for Ostmark. Black ebony grip shows almost no wear and no cracks or chips with grip eagle and SS insert properly inset. Polished blade grades EX+ showing grey runner marks and speckling but, no nicks, or cuts. Deeply etched SS motto inscription retains 75% of the light gray background frosting. Dent-free steel scabbard shows very light surface wear and spidering retaining approximately 97% of the black enamel finish. Post 1945 high-quality reproduction chain shows light surface wear and artificial blackening to background with reverse stamped with SS runes. Plated lower scabbard fitting and center band show surface wear and minor loss to plating. Nickel silver upper scabbard fitting shows very light surface wear. EX+ (27478) $3595.