1st Model RLB Leader’s Dagger (30687)


Maker: Alcoso; Condition: EX++

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Alcoso with scales TM. Many Third Reich dagger collectors overlook the rarity of this particular model dagger. The one being offered came back with us on our most recent buying trip to Florida and Pennsylvania. Many even advanced collections are missing this model dagger. The one being offered has absolutely perfect black leather on both the grip and the scabbard shell. There is not chipping at all to the dark blue enamel on the RLB emblem on the grip. The nickel-silver grip and scabbard part still maintain most of the original laquer from the factory. The blade will grade EX+, with light wear/runner marks and faint speckling. The original black leather buffer pad is still intact. Dagger is complete with the integral black leather single-strap hanger, with the nickel-silver hanger parts stamped “oLc”. Many serious German dagger dealers would have labeled this dagger in their own “do not sell” category to keep for themselves! This RLB officer’s dagger would be difficult to upgrade!

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Dimensions 22 × 6 × 6 in