1st Model RLB Subordinate Dagger (30688)


Maker: E. & F. Hörster; Condition: EX+

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E. & F. Hörster, Waffenfabrik, Solingen, H H S monogram pierced by sword TM. We have real difficulty keep any of the RLB pieces in stock. It seems that the vast majority of this model German dagger has found its way into collections and never left! The 1st Model RLB starburst emblem is pinned to obverse wooden grip with pin extending through the grip and bent down on the reverse, with no chipping of the enamel. Nice nickel-silver parts. Comes complete with black leather hanger and belt loop. Also complete with correct black leather buffer pad. Original scabbard paint is near 90% and will grade EX+. No denting or scratching to the nickel-silver lower scabbard fitting. Blade will grade EX++. This one will not be here long!

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 6 × 6 in