1st Model RLB Subordinate Dagger (#50042)


Maker: Gustav Sptizer × Solingen ×, prancing lion within circle TM; Condition: EX+

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Gustav Sptizer × Solingen ×, prancing lion within circle TM.  Nickel hilt fittings show light surface wear/yellow age to pommel and crossguard with minor “pecking” to the top of the pommel but, with portions of factory frosting remaining in the detail of the wings of the stylized RLB eagle on the langet.  Black wooden grip shows light surface scuffing and one tiny nick to the center reverse but, no chips or cracks. Properly pinned to the obverse grip is the RLB silver-plated sunburst showing minor surface wear to plating but, no damage to the blue enamel RLB logo-over-swastika.  Plated blade grades EX showing surface wear/runner marks, gray shadowing/spotting and three tiny nicks to the center left cutting edge, and is complete with black leather buffer pad.  Dent-free steel scabbard retains approximately 98% of the black enamel, with surface scratches but, no major loss of factory finish.  Nickel lower fitting shows light surface wear/age matching the hilt fittings, but no damage to the two flush-mounted retaining screws.  The nickel scabbard throat is retained by one obverse, center-mounted flat-head retaining screw.  The scabbard is missing the scabbard ring and integral black leather hanger. EX+