2nd Model Navy Dagger w/Plain Blade by RARE Navy Maker (30077)


Maker: Carl Julius Krebs, stamped crowned cursive “K” within single-oval TM; Condition: EX+/EX++

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Carl Julius Krebs, stamped crowned cursive “K” within single-oval TM (RARE Navy maker).   As indicated on page 260 of The Sword and Knife Makers of Germany 1850-2000 by Anthony Carter, “Some Army, a few Navy and Luftwaffe 2nd Model officer’s daggers were etched with the [Krebs] oval trademark but without the second ring”. This RARE 2nd Model Navy dagger matches the example pictured on pages 317 of  Exploring The Dress Daggers of the German Navy  by  Thomas T. Wittmann.  Cast brass hilt fittings show light surface wear to the highlights 100% with superb detail to the eagle/swastika pommel and crossguard.  The features the larger quillon block with a small circle at the anchor point between the plows as pictured in the above reference. The genuine off-white, solid celluloid  grip shows minor surface wear/age with a tiny hairline crack on the left edge adjacent to the lower edge of the pommel but, no damage to the tight twisted thin brass wire wrap. The plain, plated, double-fullered blade grades EX++ showing faint wear/runner marks with two tiny “pecks” to the lower right cutting edge but, no lifting or pitting and is complete with a tan leather buffer pad.   The brass, lightning bolt scabbard shows light surface wear/age patina matching the hilt fittings with two faint depressions  to the center obverse shell. The scabbard exhibits the superb detail to the oak leaf suspension bands and acanthus leaf motif on the lower scabbard shell. The scabbard throat is retained by two headless side- screws as illustrated in the above reference. Nice 2nd  Model Navy Dagger by RARE Navy maker, and the first Krebs example JRB&M  has offered in over ten years. EX+/EX++

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