2nd Model RLB Officer’s Dagger (#50052)  


Maker: ACS with scales TM; Condition: EX++

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ACS with scales TM. Beautifully patinated silver-plated hilt fittings show almost no surface wear to dome pattern pommel and crossguard with stylized RLB eagle with cut-out swastika on obverse langet. Right quillon has stamped waffenamt and the number “96”. Black leather grip shows faint surface wear but, no rips or tears with no damage to seam.  Attached to the obverse grip is a 2nd pattern RLB emblem consisting of a black enameled swastika on a silver starburst which shows minor wear/age patina to the  starburst but, no damage or chipping to the swastika enamel. The polished blade grades EX++ showing light wear/runner marks but, no shadowing, pitting or damage to the blade. The blade is complete with a black felt buffer pad which appears original to the dagger. Dent-free, black leather covered scabbard shows light surface wear and depressions but, no rips or tears. Dent-free, silver-plated fittings show uniform age patina and are complete with all five undamaged scabbard fitting retaining screws present.  EX++