Army Officer’s Dagger with Hangers and Portepee from the Personal Collection of Thomas M. Johnson (#30926)


SOLD; Maker: Carl Eickhorn, Solingen; Condition: Near MINT

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Carl Eickhorn, Solingen stamped squirrel holding sword TM. Silver plated hilt fittings show light surface wear/age patina primarily to the top of the pommel, with virtually 100% of the factory darkening and lacquer remaining on the oakleaf portion of the pommel, obverse, and reverse of the 2nd pattern Eickhorn crossguard. An example of this crossguard is pictured on page 25 of Exploring the Dress Daggers of the Germany Army by Thomas T. Wittmann. Pale yellow celluloid grip is perfect with no cracks or chips and with faint age toning to the obverse. Plated mirror-finish blade grades near MINT showing only light runner marks on the flat of the blade. Dent-free silver-plated scabbard shows variegated age patina with superb detail to the pebbling and oakleaf embellished suspension bands with virtually 100% of the factory lacquer remaining. Scabbard features the thicker Eickhorn pattern throat, as well as the center-plated flathead screw on the reverse scabbard. Dagger is complete with MINT portepee, as well as deluxe hangers with early heavy silver-plated fittings. Hangers shows only light wear to fabric and minor wear to plated fittings. A superb Eickhorn example complete with all accouterments. Each purchase from Tom’s personal collection will come with a signed and notarized statement of authenticity on JRB&M letterhead which would also state that the piece has been stored in Tom’s personal collection for a minimum of several decades, some as long as 55 years. This is truly a rare collecting opportunity!