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Austrian Merchant Marine Dress Dagger (30944)


Maker: Hausfsmann; Condition: EX++

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HAUFSMANN in cursive to obverse and WIEN in cursive to reverse TM. An example of this dagger can be seen on page 25 of A Guide to Military Dress Daggers Volume II by Kurt Glemser. Brass colored hilt fittings show almost no wear/age to the pommel, crossguard quillons and blade release button. White grip shows almost no wear, but,one small surface chip to reverse center. Double-etched un-plated blade grades EX+ showing light surface wear with gray shadowing and one/two minor nicks to the cutting edges and is without a buffer pad. Obverse blade features stylized crown and fouled anchor motif. Reverse blade features floral etch design. The dent-free, brass colored scabbard shows light surface wear with fouled anchor, seashell, spade, fish and crown motif to upper scabbard fitting.

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