Carl Eickhorn Factory “Winged Dragon” Showroom Sword (30095)


Maker: Carl Eickhorn; Condition: MINT

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Complete with genuine Damascus steel blade. See pages 164 and 165 of my Volume VI for more details and photographs of this ultra-rare Eickhorn sword. One-piece gilded bronze hilt is decorated with symbols. A winged dragon forms the crossguard, and the pommel is made of a woman’s head surrounded by a serpent. The obverse side of the grip has in it’s center a shield of Medieval type behind which an array of shafted weapons appears. A lot of allegories in the decoration of this piece, but a completely different expression than the other six (6) Eickhorn showroom swords. The blade on this model is also part of its very uncommon aspects. Beautiful “maiden-hair” genuine Damascus steel with raised company motto was used to make this wavy blade. This demonstrates the additional difficulty in forging the steel that the firm’s mastersmiths had to overcome. Manufactured by Eickhorn without a scabbard. Measurements of the sword are: Total length: 38.39 inches, length of blade alone: 31.89 inches, width of blade at ricasso: 1.02 inches. MINT.

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