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 Original Car Eichkorn Copper printing Cliches
NOTE: I had the opportunity to purchase the ENTIRE original inventory of the Carl Eickhorn copper and wooden printing cliches. This inventory contains literally hundreds of dagger, sword, bayonet and accouterment cliches. Great for hobby letterheads, business cards, paper weights, etc. Dealers write for wholesale quotes on quantity purchase.
Original Carl Eickhorn Copper Printing Cliche.
Obtained from the factory storehouse via the Eickhorn bankruptcy. Excellent for collector-dealer letterheads, business cards, advertising, etc. Many different designs available (PRIMARILY IMPERIAL) including daggers, swords, bayonets, accouterments and parts! While they last! (Also some wooden vs. copper ones). $45.@
Original Eickhorn Copper Printing Cliché. Copper printing cliché features unattributed Navy dagger (similar to Hungarian pattern) with Turk’s head knot pommel and dolphin quillons complete with etched blade. Cliché is pattern numbered “1799” and measures 1 ½” x 5″. Near MINT (21180) $35.
Original Eickhorn Copper Printing Cliché. Copper printing cliché features a lion head Army pattern sword with etched blade and coat of arms of Nicaragua on obverse langet, blade etch and upper obverse scabbard. Cliché is pattern numbered “921” and measures 1 ¼” x 10″. One spot of age patina on copper. Near MINT (21181) $35.
 Miscellaneous Printing Cliches
Skinning Knife Printing Cliche.
This copper cliche is mounted on a wood block and features a stag grip skinning knife with running deer on the grip. Very nice! Exc+ (8855) $35.
Small Skinning Knife Printing Cliche.
Small skinning knife features stag grip, copper mounted on a wood block. Exc+ (8856) $35.
Solingen Flatware Printing Cliche.
Copper printing cliche features a knife and fork copper mounted on wood block. Very unique. Exc. (8857) $35.