Non-German Edged Weapons

Communist Rumanian Army Officer Dagger w/Fabric Hangers


No maker. A picture of this dagger can be found on p. 35 of “A Guide to Military Dress Daggers”, Volume I, by Kurt Glemser. Brass fittings throughout with a mother-of-pearl grip. Brass scabbard has the Rumanian seal within an ornate box and has oak leaves and acorns for the scabbard bands. Rings are present. Scabbard has a few minor dings to the obverse and reverse near the bottom, but the softness of this brass would make it almost impossible for a piece to have survived this long without any type of light dents to the scabbard. Blade is bright but does show very minor sharpening along the edge and is numbered “1947”. Complete with original hangers, which are yellow with red & blue threads running throughout. Oval buckles have the Rumanian crest. All clips are present. This dagger is listed as “RARE” in “A Guide to Military Dress Daggers”. Exc+ (12477)

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