Converted SS Candidate’s Degen w/portepee (#27103)



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Stamped Eickhorn Original Squirrel TM. This sword was period converted from a police sword to a SS  Candidate’s sword and was purchased from the son of a WWII US Army Veteran. The police eagle has been removed and the area effected by the removal has been period repaired with some type of filler. Nickel-plated hilt fittings show surface wear with no speckling, lifting or peeling officer pattern, ribbed pommel cap, plain, D-pattern knuckle-bow/crossguard and superbly detailed oak-leaf/acorn ferrule. Ebony grip with silver wire wrap shows virtually no surface wear, chips, cracks or damage to the grip wire or backstrap.  But, as discussed, the police eagle has been removed and the area covered and painted black. Polished, matte finished, straight blade grades near mint still covered in protective grease. Blade is complete with original white leather  buffer pad. Dent-free steel scabbard retains 95% of the original black factory enamel showing surface crazing and small areas of missing paint to the obverse/reverse shell. Dent-free, nickel-plated upper and lower scabbard fittings show minor surface wear with no lifting or damage. SS portepee is complete and original to the piece and grades EX .The scabbard throat and the crossguard are SS proof marked. EX++.