Early SA Dagger w/Hanger (#29046)


Maker: JACOBS & Co. SOLINGEN, GRAFRATH with stylized JCO in double oval TM.; Condition: EX++ HOLD

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JACOBS & Co. SOLINGEN,  GRAFRATH with stylized JCO in double oval TM. Maker rarity value of “7” on the McSarr scale. Nickel-silver hilt fittings show light surface wear and age patina with lower crossguard group marked “He” for Hessen. Brown wooden grip shows light wear and reverse stamped with SA Sturm designation “3/78” with no cracks or chips and with silver grip eagle and SA insert properly inset.  Polished blade grades EX++ showing surface wear/runner marks and NO speckling to obverse and reverse. Deeply etched SA motto inscription retains 98% of the light gray background frosting.  Dent-free steel scabbard shows light surface wear retaining approximately 99% of the brown anodized finish and 90% of the factory lacquer to shell. Nickel-silver fittings show light surface wear/yellow age patina. EX++ (29046) HOLD