Early Transitional SA Dagger (29599)


Maker: M7/27 (Puma, Solingen) with RZM in circle TM; Condition: EX++

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M7/27 (Puma, Solingen) with RZM in circle TM. Although not double proof marked, all the fittings to include the scabbard are nickel silver with just the blade and grip eagle of RZM period vintage. Early nickel silver crossguards show almost no wear with consistent patina throughout. Grip is perfect with beautiful wood grain and aluminum eagle properly inset with early SA insignia. Blade grades EX++/near MINT showing almost no wear and very minor runner marks. Scabbard grades EX+ showing almost no wear to nickel – silver scabbard fittings with minor dent to scabbard ball. Shell shows original anodization and much lacquer remaining which has discolored the scabbard. EX++

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