Early Uncleaned Luftwaffe Sword (#26639)



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SMF, seated king TM.  Silver-plated hilt fittings show light surface wear with uncleaned hazy-yellow, age patina and light minor surface wear with some loss of plating to background of the pommel and obverse crossguard swastikas with no damage to the well detailed crossguard feathering. Blue leather grip shows only faint wear/age but, no major nicks or scuffs and is complete with double-twisted wire-wrap.  Plated blade measuring 30” in length grades EX+/EX++ showing surface wear/runner marks where runners have rested against the lower flats of the blade but, no lifting/pitting nor damage to the blade tip. Both cutting edges show nicks primarily to the lower half of blade. The reverse blade is not Waffen-Amt stamped and is complete with a RARE WHITE leather buffer pad which appears original to the sword. The upper end of the grip is complete with a metal lock washer making it difficult, if not impossible, to remove the grip in order to replace the buffer pad. Dent-free, blue leather covered scabbard shell matches the color of the grip and shows some minor nicks/scuffs to leather, but no rips or tears nor loss of color. Silver-plated, upper and lower scabbard fittings show age patina matching the hilt fittings with a few minor depressions to the obverse/reverse lower fitting only and are complete with all four, undamaged retaining screws. The integral, blue leather hanger grading EX++/Near MINT shows virtually no wear or loss of color to leather and no rips, tears or damage to the stitching. Nice, uncleaned early Luftwaffe sword recently obtained in Germany.  EX+/EX++.