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East German Admiral’s Dagger in Presentation Case (#30857)


Unmarked; Condition: MINT

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No maker mark, but the ricasso is stamped with the number 05417. Gilded hilt fittings show no wear to pommel cap with state insignia of a hammer and compass. Off-white grip and curved crossguard with acorn finials grade MINT. Plain nickel-plated blade grades MINT with no nicks, cuts, or blemishes. Steel scabbard grades MINT with 100% of the anodization remaining and gold fittings which also grade MINT. Navy hangers grade MINT with gold bullion facing material and dark blue felt backing. Fittings grade MINT and are very similar to a set of Third Reich 2nd Model Luftwaffe Hangers featuring oak-leaf embellished parts. Hanger is complete with gold belt loop with dark blue felt backing. Dagger comes with red case lined in blue nylon and is form fitted for the dagger and hangers.

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Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 7 × 2 in