Extremely Rare Early Hunting Dagger (30466)


Maker: Carl Eickhorn “back to back” squirrels TM; Condition: EX++

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Very early Carl Eickhorn “back to back” squirrels TM. Upon first glance the horn on the obverse clamshell might indicate that this is, perhaps, a German Postal dagger, but one look at the double etched blade and the obverse lower scabbard fitting will immediately identify this dagger as a hunting bayonet. The horn is hunting horn and the Eickhorn firm has decorated the double-etched blade with some unique and beautiful German hunting scenes. The grip is beautiful stag and there are no holes on the obverse side indicating the location for a grip emblem. This is an early Eickhorn hunting dagger that even advanced German Hunting/Hirschfänger collectors more than likely will not have in their collections. It is even a “first” for our JRB&M inventory. The scabbard is covered in an attractive light brown leather. Note the obverse lower scabbard fitting which features the common single bellowing stag motif seen on numerous German hunting daggers. The obverse upper scabbard fitting has a decorative motif which the original German hunter definitely wanted to be visible as he cut away a small portion of the leather frog for visibility purposes. Overall condition will grade EX++.

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