Imperial German Colonial Forces Samoa Bayonet (#29594)



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Interesting and ultra-rare Imperial German Colonial Forces Bayonet. Piece measures 20 ¾ “ in the scabbard and the unplated blade measure 15”. Reverse upper part of black anodized scabbard as well as the reverse crossguard bear the matching number “23”. Additionally, there is a small stamped triangle on the reverse scabbard containing some numbers, but the meaning is unknown. The leather buffer pad is intact and in EX condition and mounting slot retains a brown felt plug. The two-piece grip is made of stag horn and is held in place by two domed rivets that transfix the entire grip. From there the piece becomes most interesting: The center of the obverse grip contains a small silver disc inset bearing the Imperial German Eagle identical to those found on the face plates of Colonial pith helmets of the period. Jeweler engraved on the upper obverse fitting is the crest of German Samoa (1900-1920; occupied by New Zealand forces after August, 1914). On the spine of the blade is engraved “Fita-Fita, Apia, Samoa, 1912”. The “Fita-Fita” Guard was a small Samoan Defense and Police Unit and Apia was the capital of German Samoa. It can be conjectured that this piece was perhaps given in appreciation to a departing German NCO tasked with training and liaison to the Fita-Fita Guard or commissioned by the soldier himself as a remembrance of his service time in the unusual geographic location of the German colony of Samoa. EX++.