Imperial Edged Weapons

Imperial German M-1890 Naval Cadet Dagger (#25292)


No maker TM; Condition: EX/EX+ HOLD

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No Maker TM. See page 92 of the Johnson reference Imperial German Edged Weaponry Volume Two for a similar example that was worn by naval students between the ages of 11 and 17. The brass hilt fittings retain approximately 70% of the gold wash on the closed crown pommel with peened tang and crossguard with fouled anchor quillon block and large capstan style quillon tips. The light yellow, celluloid-over-wood, grip which was regulated as early as 1912, has one crack through the celluloid above the crossguard which extends around the grip, and is double wrapped with silver wire. The polished blade with a rounded tip measures 9 ½” in length, and is lightly etched with a sailing ship motif. Blade is complete with red felt blade buffer pad and grades EX/EX+. The gilded brass, scabbard has one faint depression on the lower obverse shell and retains much gold in the recesses of the lightening bolt motif and oak leaf suspension bands. The throat is integral without screws. EX/EX+ (25292) HOLD