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Imperial Naval 3/4 Size Dress or Kinder Sabel w/Hangers (#17956)



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Imperial Naval 3/4 Size Dress or Kinder Sabel w/Hangers. WKC (knight head) TM. Overall length of this sword is only 33″ and appears to have been designed for use by an older child or is possibly a rare dress sword worn with the Naval dress uniform in the same manner as the 3/4 size miniature daggers. Another indication that the sword is probably not for a child is the fact that the blade is pointed; not rounded as normally found on Kinder sabels. This is the first time JRB has seen or offered a sword of this type or size! Except for the matte finished blade, this item matches the quality and workmanship of a full size Naval sword. Gilted brass, lion head hilt fittings feature green/red glass eyes. All hilt fittings to include pommel, backstrap, folding clamshell crossguard and knuckle bow retain portions of gilting in recesses and show only light surface wear. Genuine ivory grip is perfect with no cracks or chips showing light age toning and tight twisted silver wire wrap. Matte finished blade grades excellent+ showing light surface wear and some minor gray shadowing. Etching features floral pattern and military motif with matte gray background frosting. Red felt blade buffer pad is present. Crease-free, black leather scabbard shows only light surface wear with upper, center and lower brass fittings which show a few surface depressions with all retaining staples present. Sword is complete with Imperial Navy sword knot in correct tie as well as rare braided sword hangers with deluxe oak leaf embellished clips. Rare Naval sword with all accouterments! Ex++