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Italian Youth Organization (GIL) Leader’s Knife (#25380)


No maker; Condition:EX+

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No maker. An illustration and description of this pattern knife, used by leaders of the Italian Youth Organization – Gioventu Italiana, del Littorio (GIL), appear on page 18 of Italian Fascist Daggers by Frederick J. Stephens. Cast brass hilt fittings featuring a well detailed eagle head pommel, feather motif backstrap floral design ferrule, and plain, straight crossguard show only light surface wear with dark age patina to the plain pommel nut. Black wooden grip shows light surface wear, but no cracks or chips and is complete with tight triple brass wire wrap. The straight, plated, unfullered blade measuring 6 ½” in length shows light runner marks with some lifting to plating, but no nicks to the 4 5/8″ cutting edge and 3 1/8″ false edge. Blade is without blade buffer pad. Black, patent leather scabbard without liner, shows light surface wear and some surface cracking to patent leather finish, but no rips or tears. Scabbard is missing the integral reverse riveted belt loop. Rare Italian Youth Leader knife. EX+ (25380)