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Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet War Badge (#25396) 



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This heavy, maker-marked, cast example was recently obtained from the estate of Virginia WWII veteran, Sam Hinkle, Jr. who brought this badge, along with other items, back from Germany as war booty.  The obverse badge features superb detail to the Wehrmacht eagle and oak leaf wreath retaining virtually 100% of the factory gilding with 100% of the factory silver frosting remaining on the battleship in the center of the wreath.  Reverse badge and vertical, barrel-hinged needle pin retain 100% of the factory finish/frosting, and is complete with the distinctive relief (raised)  ”R.S.” trademark of Rudolf Souval of Vienna. See page 115, lower, of Collecting Military Badges of the Third Reich by Michael F. Tucker for an example of this maker mark. Superb quality badge recently WWII veteran estate obtained.  Near MINT