Long Third Reich Municipal Police Bayonet w/Double TM & Frog (#30588)


Maker: WKC; Condition: EX+

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Stamped Knight’s helmet and Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie double-TM. Nickel-plated hilt fittings show minor surface wear/age patina, but no lifting or pitting to the well-detailed eagle head pommel without pommel slot and oak leaf embellished crossguard. The reverse crossguard is without markings as they were apparently ground off at the time the clamshell was removed and blade shortened after the SS assumed control of the Police in June 1936. Medium brown stag horn grip plates show light surface wear/age toning, but no cracks or chips with Third Reich Police grip emblem properly pinned to the obverse plate. Grip plates show evidence of being cut down during refurbishing as the original lower rivet holes on both the obverse and reverse plates have been filled with a brown paste filler.  Plated blade measuring 32.8cm in length grades EX+ with light runner marks/surface wear, minor gray speckling near crossguard, with light grinding marks near the blade tip where blade was shortened, and a few tiny “pecks” to the right side cutting edge, but no pitting or damage to blade tip. Spine of blade is Waffen-Amt marked, numbered “4 5 8” and complete with brown leather buffer pad. Black leather scabbard shows light surface wear/nicks and a few tiny nicks/scuffs, but no creases, rips or tears, and no damage to the reverse stitching. Nickel-plated scabbard fittings show light surface wear with a minor depression to the obverse lower fitting and some minor “pecks” to the lower fitting edges, but no damage to the lower ball. The lower fitting is complete with the retaining staple, however, the upper fitting is covered by the frog and cannot be inspected.  The scabbard throat is stamped with the number, “3 8 1” (the scabbard was probably mismatched with the bayonet at the time the blade was shortened). Black leather, double-stitched, 4-rivet frog grades EX showing wear/age and some loss of color, but no rips or tears and no damage to stitching. Nice original WKC example with double-TM.