Non-German Edged Weapons

M-1907 Royal Danish Navy Cadet’s/Officer’s Dagger w/Double-Etched Blade & Issue Tag (#25216)


Maker: H H S monogram pierced by a sword (E & F Horster) TM.; Condition:NearMINT/MINT

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H H S monogram pierced by a sword (E & F Hörster) TM. This dagger, still worn by the Danish Navy, was probably produced during the late 1950’s – early 1960’s and was recently obtained in Germany. Photogrtaphs of this dagger appear on pages 163 – 164 of A Guide To Military Dress Daggers Volume IV by Kurt Glemser. The hilt consists of a MINT, medium yellow, plastic grip with one upper, four center and two lower raised ridges, and an upper bulbous pommel section. The grip is atop a ridged, gilded brass ferrule and short, straight crossguard with ball pattern quillon tips. The straight, center-ridged, double-etched blade measuring 7 5/8″ in length grades MINT with no wear, age or nicks to cutting edges. Both obverse and reverse blade feature 4 5/8″ long etched panels with a floral/fish/anchor motif flanking a central motif of a sea serpent wrapped around an anchor chain. Both etched panels retain 100% of the gray background frosting and blade is complete with a white felt buffer pad. Reverse ricsso is distributor marked, “Magasin du Nord” etched on a gray frosted panel. Dent-free, gilded brass scabbard grades MINT with no wear or age to gilding on scabbard shell, double suspension eyelets or rings. Obverse shell features an 8 ½” long reppousse’ relief motif of a lion’s head, Danish Coat of Arms, anchor and floral motif on a stippled background. The reverse shell is unadorned. Attached to the hilt is a silver/red, cardboard Hörster factory issue tag in MINT condtion. Near MINT/MINT (25216)