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M-1930 Royal Romanian Army NCO’s Dagger w/Hanger


no maker.
condition: EX+
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M-1930 Royal Romanian Army NCO’s Dagger w/Hanger. No Maker TM. Examples of this pattern dagger are described and pictured on pages 229 and 230 of World of Dress Daggers 1900-1945 Volume I by Robert J. Berger. Nickel-plated hilt fittings show light surface wear to the eagle head pommel with one red and one green glass eye and portepee ring, as well as to the plain bayonet pattern crossguard. Plain, black Bakelite grip plates show light surface wear with no cracks or chips with the crown and “M I” cipher of King Michael I (1927 – 1930 and – 1940 – 1947) attached to the obverse plate. The nickel-plated, single-edge, bayonet pattern blade measuring 5 3/4″ in length shows light surface wear/surface graying, but no nicks to cutting edges. The dent-free, blued, bayonet-style scabbard shows light surface wear, but no lifting or damage to the bayonet-style suspension lug. Attached to the scabbard is the original brown leather, bayonet-type frog with integral belt loop in EX++ condition. EX+ (26968) $735.