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M-1939 Royal Yugoslav Army Dagger


maker:OFICIRSKA ZADRUGA in Cyrillic letters (Officer’s Cooperative) TM
condition: Ex+EX++
item number:26973

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M-1939 Royal Yugoslav Army Dagger. OFICIRSKA ZADRUGA in Cyrillic letters (Officer’s Cooperative) TM. An example of this RARE dagger can be found on page 53 of Kurt Glemser’s A Guide to Military Dress Daggers, Volume I, and also on page 263 of World of Dress Daggers 1900 – 1945, Volume I, by Robert J. Berger. Stylized brass crown pattern pommel and “S” form crossguard with scabbard release button show light surface wear to the copper/bronze-colored flashing/wash. Dark brown, solid-celluloid grip shows virtually no wear, chips or cracks, and is complete with thin twisted silver wire wrap. Plated, double-edged diamond cross section blade grades EX+/EX++ showing minor wear/runner marks but, no lifting, pitting or nicks to cutting edges. The obverse ricasso is deeply etched with the Royal Yugoslav double-headed eagle/crown crest, but is without buffer pad. The dent-free metal scabbard with heavily embossed oak leaf motif shows virtually no wear to the dark copper flashing. Upper, center, and lower brass scabbard fittings show light age patina with a few faint depressions lower fitting and are complete with undamaged, flush-mounted retaining screws. Pinned to the obverse upper scabbard fitting is a silver-plated Royal Yugoslav crest. EX+/EX++ (26973) $1,695.