Miniature 2nd Model Navy Dagger


no maker.
condition: Exc+
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Miniature 2nd Model Navy Dagger. No maker. This 7 ¾” long miniature was recently obtained in Germany and features cast brass hilt fittings showing surface wear and some loss of detail to eagle & swastika pommel and fouled anchor pattern crossguard. Light yellow celluloid grip without wire wrap is perfect with no cracks or chips. Plated stiletto-style blade measuring 5 3/8″ in length grades excellent+ showing light surface wear/runner marks but no lifting or pitting. Is without blade buffer pad. Dent-free lightning bolt pattern brass scabbard shows light surface wear with some age patina and is complete with scabbard rings. Attached to the dagger is an original miniature silver bullion portepee in correct Navy tie. Nice, original miniature 2nd Model Navy dagger. Exc+ (26461) $695.HOLD