Miniature Commemorative Army Dagger on Marble Base (29339)


No maker; Condition: EX++

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No maker.  Cast, one-piece hilt shows minor wear/age patina to the well-detailed silver-plated,oak leaf pommel, ferrule, and crossguard with eagle and swastika on obverse langet. Reverse crossguard is stamped “41”. The cast metal grip shows wear to the off-white enamel on the highlights of the grip swirls.  Plated blade measuring 5 ¼” in length grades EX++ shows minor surface wear/age near crossguard with no lifting or nicks to cutting edges. The blade was obviously designed as a letter opener as the center flat of blade and tip are rounded as opposed to the normally seen miniature blades with shape edges to the center flat and to the tip. Blade is without buffer pad.  Dent free, silver-plated scabbard shows light surface wear/uncleaned age patina/much factory lacquer, and features plain, non-pebbled panels and oak leaf embellished suspension bands that are designed with no holes for suspension rings. The dagger commemorative is mounted on a black marble base measuring 3 ½” X 6 ¼” showing minor wear with one tiny crack in lower left corner. Mounted on the lower left base is a ½” X 1 5/8” long silver colored plaque with the engraved commemorative inscription, “N.A. 66 STAB 1938” (Nachrichtenabteilung [Signal Battalion] 66 1938) in block letters. Research in the 1939 German Army Rank List indicates that the 66th Signal Battalion was home garrisoned in Enns Austria, but temporarily garrisoned in Vienna under direct command of XVII Army Corps. The underside of the base is covered in light green flocking which shows light wear/age, but no rips or tears. This is only the second  Army miniature dagger mounted on display base that JRB&M has offered in some time.

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