Personalized Miniature RAD Officer Hewer w/Orange Grip (#24855)


maker: Alcoso, ACS scales TM; Condition: Near MINT

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  Personalized Miniature RAD Officer Hewer w/Orange Grip. Alcoso, ACS scales TM. Silver-plated hilt fittings show surface wear/age patina with no lifting or crazing to eagle head pommel or to crossguard and no damage to RAD spade and wheat emblem on the obverse langet. Light-orange, celluloid grip plates are perfect with no cracks or chips and aged slightly darker on the obverse. Plated blade measuring 5 ¼” in length grades Near MINT showing only faint runner marks, but no graying, pitting, speckling or nicks to the cutting edge. Deeply etched motto retains 100% of the dark gray/black background frosting. Dent-free, silver plated scabbard shows light age patina with portions of the factory darkening remaining in the pebbled portion of the shell and superb detail to the scroll and wheat-leaf motif on the obverse, upper and lower panels of scabbard. Obverse, lower panel is personalized with the jeweler engraved monogram, “RM” in shaded, Gothic letters. Superb personalized, Alcoso example. Recently obtained in Germany. Near MINT (24855) $2,950.