RAD EM Hewer with Hanger & Belt Loop (#29545)


Maker: Original Eickhorn, deeply etched Squirrel-holding-sword TM; Condition: EX++/Near MINT

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Original Eickhorn, deeply etched Squirrel-holding-sword TM.  Solid nickel hilt fittings show virtually no surface wear to the pommel, ferrule and crossguard, with 100% of the factory darkening remaining in the recesses of the crossguard detail.  Dark brown stag horn grip plates are perfect with no wear or damage and are complete with unturned nickel screws and taps. Polished blade grades EX++ showing surface wear/runner marks primarily where scabbard runners have rested against flats of the blade but, no nicks to cutting edge.  The deeply etched motto retains 100% of the medium gray background frosting with reverse marked with the RAD diamond and “Ges.Gesch.”. Dent-free steel scabbard retains approximately 99% of the original black enamel showing minor surface crazing and a few tiny specks of missing paint adjacent to the reverse lower fitting. The dent-free, nickel-plated scabbard fittings retain approximately 98% of the factory frosting with a few specks of black patina on reverse and underside lower fitting where frosting has worn away. The fittings retain 100% of the factory darkening in the scroll-work on the upper fitting and the wheat and spade motif on the lower fitting, and are complete with all four, undamaged scabbard screws. The black leather hanger w/belt loop grades Near MINT showing virtually no wear to leather with no rips or tears and only minor loss of felt on the leg protector. The nickel-plated fittings retain virtually 100% of the yellowed factory lacquer with the underside of the hanger clip Assmann and RAD diamond marked. Superb RAD EM Hewer combination recently obtained in Germany. EX++/Near MINT.