Rare ¾ Size 1st Model Navy Dagger (#28668)


Maker: WKC with Knight’s Armored torso TM; Condition: EX++; SOLD

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WKC with Knight’s Armored torso TM. Gilted brass hilt fittings show light surface wear with virtually all gilting remaining in recesses of the flaming ball pommel and crossguard with fouled anchor quillon block and large Imperial style capstan. Medium orange celluloid grip without wire wrap (appears to have never had wire applied) shows only light surface wear with no cracks or chips and with nice age toning. Plated double-etched blade grades excellent++ showing only light runner marks with 100% of the background frosting remaining in the floral pattern etch on both obverse and reverse. Dent-free gilted brass scabbard shows light surface wear/age patina with gilting remaining in recesses of lightning bolt pattern, with wear to highlights of oak leaf embellished scabbard suspension bands. Nice example of a RARE dagger with overall length of 10 ½”. EX++ (28668) SOLD IN TRADE W/STEWART WILSON