Rare 3/4 Size 1st Model Navy Dagger w/Ultra-Dark Orange Grip (#24902)



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Knight’s helmet, (WKC) TM.  Gilded brass hilt fittings show light surface wear/age with portions gilding remaining in recesses of the flaming ball pommel and much lacquer remaining on crossguard with fouled anchor quillon block and large Imperial style capstans.  Ultra-dark, burnt-orange (almost brown) solid celluloid grip with tight twisted wire wrap shows only light surface wear with no cracks or chips. Plated double-etched blade measuring 6 ¼” in length, (overall length 10 ½”), grades VG+/EX showing lifting and gray spotting to obverse/reverse ricasso, but no nicks to cutting.  The floral pattern etch shows gray spotting primarily the reverse with 80% of background frosting remaining on the reverse blade. The blade is complete with red felt blade buffer pad. Dent-free lacquered brass scabbard shows light surface wear/age patina with wear to highlights of oak leaf embellished scabbard suspension bands.  This is the first time JRB&M has offered a ¾ size Navy Dagger with an Ultra-dark orange grip. EX/EX+  (24902)