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RARE One-of-a-kind Luftwaffe Konvolute with 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger, Medal/Decorations Pillow, and Handwritten Letter From Owner to His Son (30279)


Condition: EX++

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Tom received an email from a good friend in Germany, Herrn Roland Dreyer, who was looking to help his father sell what on the surface looked to be a standard Luftwaffe grouping of the dagger and decorations of Oberfeldwebel Kurt Sender. As Tom delved further into Roland’s email, however, he found that Roland’s father, Herrn Horst Dreyer, had in his possession a truly special group of artifacts!

According to Roland, his father Herr Dreyer purchased the dagger and decorations pillow from the wife of the late Siegfried Sender, the son of Oberfeldwebel Kurt Sender to whom these artifacts once belonged. According to Herr Dreyer, Siegfried’s wife explained that although Siegfried treasured the inheritance left to him by his father, he had nonetheless instructed his wife to burn all of his father’s items at the time of his own death. His wife obliged, and only this dagger and decorations pillow remained.

When Herr Dreyer began examining the base of the pillow, however, he noticed an inconsistency in the cloth covering on the back where it seemed raised as if something were underneath. Herr Dreyer opened the back and discovered tucked within a truly touching letter from Oberfeldwebel Kurt Sender addressed to his son, Siegfried, who, unfortunately, likely never knew of the letter’s existence.

Truly, this collection of one soldier’s decorations and his dagger, along with this gripping letter to his son hidden like treasure, illustrates the very essence of why we exist as a community and spend our time learning, researching, and collecting! It is easy to forget that people with nuanced lives fought in the wars of the past, making sacrifices for their country and their families. A grouping like this is a reminder of the humanity behind war, and it would certainly be a fascinating and unique addition to any collection.

Medal/decorations pillow includes a medal bar with an Iron Cross 2nd Class, a War-Merit Cross w/Swords, and a Westwall medal. Below the medal bar in an Iron Cross 1st Class, a Luftwaffe Paratrooper badge, a Black Wound badge, a DRL Sport’s badge, and a Luftwaffe Ground Assault badge.

2nd Model Luftwaffe dagger does not have a maker mark and blade has been polished by the family. Overall condition will grade an EX.


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Dimensions 22 × 6 × 6 in