Rare Uncleaned 17” DLV Flyer’s Dagger (#50092)


Maker: Adolf Braun Berlin, two-line TM; Condition: EX+/EX++

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Adolf Braun Berlin, two-line TM.  A photograph of this RARE pattern dagger appears on page 86 of “Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich, Volume I”. On page 83 of “The Sword And Knife Makers Of Germany 1850-2000 Volume 1″ by the late Anthony Carter, the author states, “[The  Adolf Braun firm] was listed as a distributor and depot for Alexander Coppel in Berlin”. Solid nickel-silver hilt fittings feature a penned tang, circular flat-sided pommel with brass inlaid swastikas as well as early cross guard with down swept wings with circular, flat-sided quillon block with brass inlaid swastikas.  Pommel and cross guard show minor surface wear with yellow age patina.  Blue leather grip with twisted silver wire wrap shows only minor surface wear/age with no rips or tears and no loss of color to the leather. Polished blade grades EX+ showing light surface wear/runner marks, minor gray speckling/shadowing to   obverse/reverse flats of blade and some minor oxidation adjacent to cross guard, but no nicks to neither cutting edges nor damage to the blade tip and is complete with blue leather buffer pad.  Blue leather scabbard without metal base matches the color of the grip perfectly and shows only minor surface wear with no rips, tears, nor creases to the leather.  Dent-free nickel-silver upper, center, and lower fittings show minor surface wear with yellow age patina matching the hilt fittings and are complete with all three silver wire retaining staples.  Solid nickel-silver chain hanger with 6 upper and 10 lower rings shows only light surface wear/yellow age patina and is complete with early unmarked nickel-silver clip.  The hanger is attached to the scabbard rings by the early “S” pattern connectors. Nice, RARE Uncleaned 17” DLV  Flyer’s Dagger recently obtained in Germany. EX+/EX++