SA Honor Dagger w/Hanger (#29211)



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CARL EICKHORN, SOLINGEN with raised gilded squirrel within small double-oval TM. Nickel-silver hilt fittings show light surface wear/dark age patina to the pommel nut and upper and lower crossguards which feature cast, raised oak leaves in the correct style as pictured on pages 41-43 of Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich Volume I. The dark brown fine-grained grip fits well considering the normal wood shrinkage due to age and shows almost NO wear with NO chips or cracks. Silver grip eagle and SA insert are properly inset with no damage to the eagle or to the enamel on the SA insert. Genuine Damascus, maiden hair pattern blade grades EX+ with cleaned surfaces and minor pitting throughout, but NO nicks to the cutting edges. Motto shows some gilding remaining on both oak leaf sprigs and raised “ALLES FUR DEUTESCHLAND”. Brown, leather covered scabbard shows almost no wear to the lower obverse/reverse shell and no pealing or scuffs. Upper and lower nickel-silver scabbard fittings show light wear many surface “dimples” throughout and feature deeply etched groves around the outer edges as shown in the above reference. Lower scabbard fitting shows depression to ball. Dagger is complete with unmarked hanger showing only light wear and verdigris to nickel silver fittings. EX+