Non-German Edged Weapons

Soviet Air Force Dagger


A picture of this difficult-to-locate Russian dagger can be found on page 39 of A Guide to Military Dress Daggers, Vol. I by Kurt Glemser. This dagger features the MIGs flying over the Kremlin on the reverse upper scabbard fitting. The obverse features the winged propeller with the sunburst. Blade is maker marked, in MINT condition, and dated “58”. Also, has a serial number on the reverse. Gilted fittings with the pommel having the Soviet emblem with the star on the pommel nut. Blue leather is in perfect condition as are the fittings. Blade is heavily caked with cosmoline and has its blue leather buffer pad intact. Blade is in MINT condition. These daggers are becoming more and more difficult to locate! Near MINT (11731)

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