Transitional Short Deluxe Senior Forestry Hirschfänger w/Blade Dedication (30822)


Maker: Carl Eickhorn; Condition: EX++

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Carl Eickhorn, stamped squirrel holding sword TM. An example of this Hirschfänger appears in the Eickhorn Kundendienst as Pattern Nr. 1713, “Hirschfänger im Prunkausführung mit Elfenbeinschalen” (Hirschänger splendid execution with “bone” grip plates, Nr. 1713). Deluxe, gilded hilt fittings show light wear to highlights with much factory frosting remaining in the recesses of the oak leaf embellished knuckle-bow/ferrule/crossguard with deer hoof quillon, and to the clamshell which features an Auerhahn sitting on a tree branch. Off-white, simulated ivory grip plates show minor surface werar/age, but no cracks or chips and are complete with three gilded acorns with oak leaves on both the obverse and reverse grip plate. Polished, double-etched blade measuring 26cm in length grades EX+ showing light wear/runner marks and some gray shadowing, but no nicks to cutting edge and is complete with green felt blade buffer pad. The obverse features a 4 5/8″ long etched panel with an Auerhahn and oak leaf motif flanking the three-line dedication, “1925 – 1953 Die Forestbetriebsbeamten des Forestamtes Lauenau” (1925 – 1953 the Forestry Service Officials of the Forestry Office of Lauenau). Lauenau is located approximately 30km SW of Hannover. The reverse blade features an etched motif of hunting hounds attacking a boar in a forest setting. Black leather, crease-free scabbard shows minor only faint surface wear with no rips, tears or damage to the reverse stitching. Upper and lower gilded brass fittings show minor surface wear/age patina and are complete with both wire type retaining staples. Obverse upper fitting is complete with acorn pattern hanger lug and obverse lower fitting features an engraved panel with a stag in a forest setting and is complete with deluxe lower scabbard ball. Nice Deluxe Eickhorn example, recently obtained in Germany, that illustrates that the pre-1945 hirschfänger patterns were carried over into the post-war period.

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