ULTRA-RARE Long Gilt Weimar Rural Police Clamshell Bayonet w/Double-TM, Frog & Bayonet Knot (#50019 )


Maker: E. & F. Hörster, two-line & sword within “H” double-oval TM; Condition: EX++

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E. & F. Hörster, two-line & sword within “H” double-oval TM.  A color photograph of a short version this pattern bayonet appears on page 151 of German Clamshells & Other Bayonets by Gary Walker and Ronald Weinand. Gold washed, brass hilt shows light surface wear to eagle head pommel, oak leaf embellished crossguard and Weimar eagle clamshell with much of muted, honey-gold factory finish remaining in the recesses.   Dark brown, stag horn grip plates show virtually no surface and only faint age with no cracks or chips.  Gold washed, nickel finish, Weimar grip emblem retains portions gold wash in recesses of the six-sided police star with an uncrowned Prussian eagle within a circle in the center of the star.  Plated blade grades excellent measuring 42,3cm in length grades EX++ showing minor surface wear/runner marks with no lifting or graying to plating and  no nicks to cutting edge. Blade is complete with brown leather blade buffer pad.  Brown leather scabbard shows surface minor surface wear with no rips, tears or damage to the reverse stitching. Upper and lower gold washed brass scabbard fittings show surface wear/age with two small surface depressions to reverse lower fitting, but no damage to the lower ball. Dark brown, double-stitched, leather frog grades EX+ showing light surface wear/age, but no major cracks and no damage to stitching.  Attached to the frog is a Police Officer bayonet knot with RARE gold-toned bullion stripes instead of the standard silver/aluminum stripes. Superbly conditioned example of a RARE police bayonet complete with equally RARE bayonet knot. EX++