Uncleaned 1936 Chained SS Dagger (#25157)


No maker; Condition: EX++

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No maker. This early example was recently obtained in the state of New York from the nephew of a WWII US Army veteran. As stated on pages 28 – 31 of Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich, Volume V, 1936 Chained SS daggers produced during the 1936-1937 period can be found with a combination of nickel-silver & plated fittings, anodized & painted scabbards, and Type I & Type II chain hangers. This example exhibits some of the above variations. Nickel-silver crossguards and pomme nut show minor surface wear with uncleaned, age residue/patina. Black Ebony grip shows light surface wear, but no cracks or chips and with silver grip eagle and SS insert properly inset. Mirror polished blade grades EX++/Near MINT showing minor runner marks only with no gray shadowing/speckling, pitting or nicks to cutting edges. Dent-free steel scabbard retains approximately 95% of the original black enamel with minor wear/speckling to lower obverse only. Nickel-silver upper, center, and lower scabbard fittings show light age patina with a few pin-head size “pecks”, but no damage to the lower ball and are complete with undamaged screws. Center scabbard band with dark age patoina is retained by one screw as normally seen on painted scabbards. Nickel-silver, non-magnetic Type II chain hanger shows dark, near black age patina and is properly SS proofed and features the non-cutout cloverleaf and beveled upper connectors. Exceptionally nice, veteran estate acquired example! EX++ (25157)