Uncleaned Army Officer’s Dagger (30075)


No maker; Condition: EX++

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No maker. Uncleaned silver-plated hilt fittings show minor surface wear with much factory lacquer remaining on the well detailed oak leaf embellished pommel and generic crossguard with step-down curve in eagle brow area and looser weave to chest feathers as pictured on page 79, upper, of Exploring The Dress Daggers pf the German Army by Thomas T. Wittmann. Medium yellow, solid celluloid grip shows minor surface wear with one tiny chip on upper reverse adjacent to pommel, but no nicks or cracks. Polished blade grades EX++ showing light surface wear/runner marks and a few specks of faint shadowing, but no pitting or nicks to cutting edges, and is complete with black leather blade buffer pad. Dent-free, silver-plated steel scabbard shows minor surface wear and age with portions of factory frosting remaining on shell.. Scabbard features the post-1937 pattern, single side-mounted scabbard throat retention screw, as used by WKC. EX++.

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Dimensions 22 × 6 × 6 in