Uncleaned Miniature Luftwaffe Sword on Personalized Propeller Base (#25482)


Maker: Alcoso, ACS scales, Solingen TM; Condition: EX++/Near MINT

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Alcoso, ACS scales, Solingen TM. This large, salesman’s sample example, measuring 10 3/8″ in overall length, shows yellow age patina and much original factory lacquer remaining on the silver-plated pommel and crossguards with no indication that the pommel or crossguard swastikas were ever gilded. Blue leather grip with tight double-twisted wire wrap is perfect with no rips, nicks or tears. Plated blade grades EX++ showing light surface wear/runner marks with no lifting, graying or speckling, and no damage to blade nor nicks to cutting edges. Blade is complete with blue felt blade buffer pad. Dent-free blue leather scabbard shows virtually no surface wear with no rips or tears. Dent-free silver-plated scabbard fittings show yellow age patina and much original factory lacquer remaining. Upper scabbard fitting is complete with both suspension rings. Black anodized propeller base without felt backing shows a few age spots, but no crazing or oxidation and no damage to the scabbard supports. Obverse base is personalized with the inscription, “1. Flg. Kp. Weinachten 1937” in gold filled engraved letters. Superb Alcoso example with personalized propeller base. EX++/Near MINT (25482) $1,395