Unissued Late Production SA Dagger by Scarce SA Maker w/Paper Issue Bag (#26846)


Maker: RZM M7/42 (WKC) TM.; Condition:Near MINT

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RZM M7/42 (WKC) TM. Although the WKC firm was one of the largest makers of Third Reich edged weapons, information in “N S DAGGER MAKER TRADEMARKS – FISHER QUICK REFERENCE” by R. & R. Fisher indicates that the WKC firm produced an estimated 5,000 SA daggers and are considered a Scarce SA maker. Nickel-plated hilt fittings show minor surface wear but, none of the lifting and peeling normally seen on plated fittings. The reverse crossguard is unmarked as is correct for RZM marked SA daggers. Cherry-stained, fine grained, wooden grip with nice burling and early production quality grip-to-crossguard fit shows light surface wear but, no cracks or chips and is complete with gray metal grip eagle and SA insert properly inset. Polished blade grades EX++/Near MINT with much factory crossgraining remaining shows surface runner marks but, no gray shadowing, speckling or pitting and no nicks to cutting edges. The deeply etched motto retains 100% of the light gray background frosting. Dent-free, steel scabbard retains virtually 100% of the original chocolate brown factory enamel with only minor surface scratches to the reverse shell and lower left edge adjacent to the lower scabbard fitting. The dent-free nickel-plated scabbard fittings show virtually no surface wear with no damage to the lower ball or retaining screws. The brown leather hanger grades Near MINT showing virtually no wear/age to leather or nickel-plated fittings. The reverse hanger is marked, “RZM L2/60/41” with the reverse upper clip marked, “RZM” M5/71 “oLc”. The accompanying paper issue bag grades VG+ showing wear and tears. The upper bag is stamped “SA DO”, with the letters “LCH”, torn away above “WKC Waffenfabrik G. m. b. H. Solingen-Wald”. The bag also has tears to the lower edge. Nice unissued SA Dagger by a Scarce maker complete with original paper issue bag. Near MINT (26846)