1st Model Navy Dagger w/”Depot” Control Markings & Portepee (29542)


No maker; Condition: EX/EX+

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No Maker.  For more information on the 1929 1st Pattern Navy dagger, see page 80 of Collecting the Edged Weapons of Imperial Germany.  This dagger probably began as a 1919 model dagger mated with an M1921 scabbard, based on the peened-over pommel and diamond with floral decoration on the reverse quillon block. Brass hilt fittings show surface wear with no evidence of gilding remaining in recesses of the flaming ball/wave pommel and crossguard with center reverse mounted push-button blade release button. The off-white, M-1929 pattern, celluloid-over-wood grip shows light surface wear, with some reddish-brown spotting on the upper right, but no cracks or chips, and is complete with tight twisted brass wire wrap.  Plain, double-fullered, plated blade grades EX/EX+ showing light surface wear with some light gray shadowing/speckling, but no nicks to cutting edges, and  is complete with brown leather buffer pad.  The reverse ricasso is stamped with the control number, “N.337”, indicating this dagger was the property of Nordseestation headquartered in Wilhelmshaven, but is without the naval eagle stamping. Brass, lightening bolt pattern scabbard shows light surface wear with one tiny “ping” on the center reverse shell only and is complete with rope pattern suspension bands with “figure-of-eight” knot on obverse only. Upper reverse scabbard shell is also stamped with the control number, “N.337”.  The original, silver bullion portepee non-reef knot tie grades EX+ showing only light age/wear with no fraying to cord or damage to acorn. Uniform age and fraying to the cord. EX/EX+.

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