2nd Model Bahnschutz Dagger (30332)


Maker: E.&F. Hörster Solingen, two-line italic TM; Condition: EX+/EX++

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E.&F. Hörster Solingen, two-line italic TM. This dagger was obtained from a Michigan family who state that the owner “received this dagger when he was a boy living in Muncie, Indiana. A Neighbor had returned from the war and gave it to him. He played with it some as a kid and; therefore, there are some scratches on the side of the scabbard”. Factory frosted aluminum hilt fittings show minor surface wear with much frosting remaining to the spherical pommel with raised sun wheel swastika, ribbed ferrule and crossguard with winged railcar wheel Bahnschutz insignia on the obverse langet. The crossguard winged insignia has a casting flaw in the right wing as found on Eickhorn produced 2nd model Bahnschutz daggers, indicating once again, the exchange of parts among the dagger manufacturers. Black solid celluloid ridged grip is perfect with no cracks or chips. Polished, blade grading EX/EX+, shows light surface wear/runner marks with some gray shadowing, but no nicks to cutting edges. Blade is complete with black leather blade buffer pad. Dent-free, polished, frosted-steel scabbard shows some minor surface wear and above mentioned scratches [pings] to the reverse left edge to the shell, but no pitting or other damage. Nice Hörster Bahnschutz example that was originally brought back from WWII as “war booty”. EX+/EX++

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