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2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger w/Ivory Grip, Double-Etched Blade, Portepee & Deluxe Hangers (#29932)



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Emil Voos, stamped snake around tree trunk single oval TM.  This dagger exhibits all of the textbook features associated with Voos produced double-etched blades: impressive etch motifs, contrasting frosted panels, 2nd pattern Luftwaffe eagle with laurel leaf sprigs, and heavy nickel plating.  The WKC pattern pommel with pebbled background shows only minor wear to the outer edge with much factory darkening remaining in pebbled recesses as well as gold on pommel swastikas. Well detailed, WKC pattern, aluminum crossguard shows only minor wear to factory finish with left over right oak leaf pattern on the upper surface of the quillons.  Genuine ivory grip shows light age striations/toning with no cracks or chips and is complete with tight springy aluminum wire wrap as normally found on Voos ivory grips.  High quality heavily plated double etched blade grades Near MINT showing only minor surface wear with no lifting or nicks to cutting edge. Etched panels retain 100% of the factory background frosting and the blade is complete with tan leather blade buffer pad.  Dent-free, WKC pattern scabbard retains 100% of the airplane gray finish with superb detail to the oak leaf pattern suspension bands.  Throat is retained by one flat-head side-mounted, retaining screw.  Aluminum bullion, 23cm  portepee shows minor wear with no fraying to cord.  Deluxe hangers grade Exc++ with minor wear to backings and are complete with brown leather, Luftwaffe marked, teardrop hanger. For more information on Voos produced 2nd model Luftwaffe daggers with double-etched blades, see pages 231 – 232 of Exploring the Dress Daggers of the German Luftwaffe by Thomas Wittmann.  Nice example of a Voos produced 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger with double-etched blade. Near MINT. Consignment.