2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger w/Portepee (#27894)


No maker: Condition: EX+

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No maker.  Aluminum hilt fittings show wear/age to well detailed “heart-shaped” pommel, and incised oak leaves on the upper surface of the quillons. Obverse and reverse swastikas retain no gilding and show wear/age.  Beautiful deep-orange celluloid grip shows minor age/wear with no cracks or chips and is complete with twisted wire wrap. Blade grades EX+ showing age/wear and runner marks but, no chips or cuts. Dent-free, steel scabbard shows age/wear to the oak leaf embellished oak leaf suspension bands and shows some very minor surface rust. The scabbard throat is retained by one unturned headless screw.  The portepee grades EX++ showing wear/age but, no tears or fraying. EX+