Army Dagger (#27896)


Maker: ROBT KLAAS, SOLINGEN with kissing cranes stamped TM.; Condition:Ex-SOLD

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ROBt KLAAS, SOLINGEN with kissing cranes stamped TM. Silver-plated hilt fittings show wear/age to well detailed oak leaf embellished pommel, ferrule and crossguard with well-detailed eagle. Medium-yellow, solid celluloid grip shows surface wear with light age toning in the recesses of the grip swirls but, no hairline cracks or chips. Plated blade grades VG+ with portions of platting missing along the center ridge exposing the base metal but, no cuts or damage to blade tip and is complete with tan leather buffer pad. Dent-free, silver-plated scabbard shows wear/age with nicely detailed pebbled panels and oak leaf suspension bands. The scabbard is complete with two side-mounted, throat retaining screws. EX- SOLD