Carl Eickhorn Factory Massive “Middle Age” Motif Showroom Sword (#30096)


Maker: Eickhorn; Condition: MINT

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Complete with superb polished steel blade featuring the Eickhorn motto and the Eickhorn “squirrel holding sword” TM. See pages 162 and 163 of my Volume VI. The huge hilt is made of one piece of gilded bronzed. It is chiseled to represent strong allegorical symbols referring to ancient Greek divinities and Pagan life and death imagery. The pommel cap also has remnants of a crown but it is highly transformed to represent a break with the past and yet remind the onlooker of the power residing in the symbol attached to a crown. The polished steel blade has a large fuller in it’s center. Manufactured by Eickhorn without a scabbard. Measurements of this sword are: Total length: 43.7 inches, length of blade: 35.43 inches, width of blade ricasso: 1.54 inches. MINT

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