Cased Imperial Army Epaulettes (27277)


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These superb epaulettes, originally owned by Oberstleutnant von Roos, Grenadier=Regiment König Friedrich Wilhelm II. (1.Schleisisches) Nr. 10”, were recently obtained in Germany complete with fitted storage case.  Research in the 1914 ranklist of the Royal Prussian Army reveals Oberstleutnant von Roos was serving as Executive Officer of Regiment 10 with a date of rank of 18 April 1913.  In the 1914-1918 Honor ranklist, Oberstleutnant von Roos is noted as “Killed in Action” on 15 October 1914 while commanding Landwehr Infanterie Regiment 38.  The epaulettes are constructed of yellow felt on red felt backings, with the shoulder strap edged in silver/black bullion braid, gilt metal crescent, and a double row of 3” long silver bullion fringe at the sleeve end.  Inside the sleeve end oval area are the royal crown and “FWR II” and one gold pip for rank of Oberstleutnant.  Epaulettes come complete in their original medium green cardboard figure 8 case lined in blue cardboard.  Case is complete with padded velvet figure 8 pad to protect the epaulettes when they are stored in the case.  Superb set of Field Gray Officer epaulettes in original case with documentation.  Near MINT

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